Monday, 24 March 2008


Welcome! My name is Katie, but I go by the name of Elphaba and
I have recently made the decision to go freelance as an artist and sometime illustrator. I take comissions for all manner of things, from pet portraits to greetings cards and I've also worked on a couple of covers for birdwatching field guides. If pushed to categorise my art I would say it was a mix of painting, needle crafts and paper crafts. My interests span many things, from mythology and old dark fairy tales, geishas to goddesses through to paper engineering and burlesque. I have a passion for all things vintage and retro, I love old style glamour combined with theatrical elements and I love mixing bright colours, contasting textures and bold patterns. I like art that can be considered a multi-sensory experience.

If you like any of the work you see here please don't hesitate to comment me requesting my e-mail, and keep an eye out for my website in the next few months.

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